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Troop Awards Software

Troop Awards Online Troop Awards Download
General Overview:
Nothing to install Download/Install required
Import CSV data (TroopWebHost, your own data)
Customize/edit data
Upload custom badge images
digital signatures (Create and save) Save only
Boy Scouts:
Print Boy Scout awards (merit badge/rank)
Print Boy Scout blue cards
Print on BSA cards
Print on standard trading-size cards
Cub Scouts:
Print Cub Scout awards (activity badge/rank)
Print Cub Scout derby award cards
Print on address labels to make your own cards Coming Soon
Keep a troop Historian's Journal
Create a photo Event Calendar
Print troop/pack branded name tags, address labels Coming soon
Keep a photo Directory
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Troop Awards: Online Printing

Quarterly and Yearly plans available

  • $4.99 Monthly 
  • $49.99 Yearly

This is the online lite version of the Troop Awards software. No installation needed!

  • Monthly or Yearly subscription plan
  • Print Boy Scout Rank and Award cards
  • Cub Scout awards, too
  • Uses FireFox web browser for printing

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Troop Awards Software

Download Version:

Note: this software is being discontinued, so test with the trial download before purchasing a license.

TroopAwards is licensed to your Unit/Troop not individual; anyone in your Unit can install and use it.

This is not a subscription but a one-time payment. 


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Troop Awards Paper and Cards

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Blank White Award Card Sheets

Award cards are 80 lb blank white perforated card sheets. There are nine 2.5" x 3.5" cards per sheet.

each pack has 25 sheets (225 cards)


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Blue Card Sheets

Blue cards are 67 lb blue perforated card sheets, preprinted on the back. There are three cards per sheet, with each card having three sections.


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Troop Shirts and Apparel

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